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    I have windows 2008 server installed. I have created a task in the task scheduler that runs every day. It launches a batch file I have created, that copies a folders content from the 2008 Server to another server with a share. It has permissions to the local and remote folders, and runs with an account that has enough previledges. The batch file is:

    cd c:\mydata
    copy *.* \\server2\mydata_backup\

    When I check, the task scheduler always says failed to launch, and nothing appears to be copied.

    Would appreciate any ideas.

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    Re: task scheduler

    It may be due to the files being copied are the same as on the share.

    What happens if you manually run the batch file?

    Have you considered automating the job from a Vista/XP machine and creating hidden, locked down shares for synchronisation. I have version 1.4 installed on a w2k3 server and works a treat. Not sure with w2k8 but if you have a test machine, worth a try.

    You'll be impressed what this can do.