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Netbios Problems Server 2008

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  • Netbios Problems Server 2008


    I am new to the site but hope you can help me.

    I am an IT consultant but ran into an interesting problem

    A client of mine have a single domain, distrubuted across 7 remote sites. Everything was working fine last year.

    They ran into problems and demoted all other dc's and they only have one left.

    When I am on that dc and run dcdiag it workes 100% now failures, but run it from a server which should be a member server then I get the error

    Performing Initial setup
    [servername] Ldap Bind error 1326. Network name not found.

    By implementing WINS and removing the member server and rejoining it to the domain.

    It changed to LDAP bind error 5. Access denied.

    I have searched thru the Internet and cannot find a solution

    It seems there is some problem with NetBIOS.

    PS: This is all server 2008 servers

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    Re: Netbios Problems Server 2008

    It may be IPv6 causing the issue. Have you tried setting up a GlobalNames Zone in DNS? That will allow you to scrap WINS and still provide NETBIOS support.