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  • Domain Controller

    I have Active directory running on a Windows Server 2003 box. It is the domain controller for our small network. I am installing Windows 2008 on a brand new server and want to make it a domain controller as well (not a good idea to only have one domain controller).

    Should I expect any problems doing this ? Tips/suggestions greatly appreciated.


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    Re: Domain Controller

    I have only ever added a Server 2008 box to an existing SBS2003 domain making the new server a DC, and to help with that I installed the R2 pack on the SBS box first, and made sure I was on the latest service packs across the board. The following may help you with your need for a new 2008 DC in an exsiting Server 2003 domain:

    Don't forget you need to buy CALs for the Server 2008 clients to keep them legal. (There is/was a special offer from MS but I think it only applied to SBS2003 + 2008 but in any case the licences they were offering expire this year, so you would have neded to buy the CALs anyway, even under the special offer for free CALs).

    You need to run, on the 2003 server, the two following commands. You can get adprep from the Server 2008 CD/DVD, in the Sources\adprep folder:

    adprep /forestprep
    adprep /domainprep

    Then on the 2008 server, run dcpromo and follow that wizard through, on the configuration page select Add a domain controller to an existing domain.

    Also, make the new 2008 server a Global Catalog server (if you are talking about a single local domain. For people who have more domains or DCs spread across WANs there are other considerations for the GC). You can make a 2008 server a GC by going to Active Directory Sites and Services and then go to sites > servers > servername right click NTDS and select Properties. GC is on the General tab. Note this advice about GC is only for small networks. The new 2008 server should be a DNS server. In DHCP, add both the 2003 server's IP and the 2008 server's IP as DNS servers, so that if one goes down, the other will then be providing DNS to clients.

    You can make both servers run DHCP also, to provide additional redundancy, making sure the pools don't overlap.

    Hope this helps! Best of luck.

    Also search the Petri site for Join 2008 2003 domain
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      Choose a better topic for your thread!

      Darryl, please make sure you pick a better topic for your next thread.

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