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Disable SID Filtering issue

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  • Disable SID Filtering issue

    Greetings everyone !

    I want to migrate an Windows 2000 Domain to a new Windows 2008 domain using ADMT v3.1, i want also to be able to migrate SID History,
    to be able to do that, i should (as required) disable SID Filtering on the trusts.

    On my Windows 2008 DC, I use this command :

    " netdom trust / /quarantine:no "

    It says that SID filtering is activated...etc (there is no message stating that it has been disabled)

    My scenario:
    - a single Windows 2000 SP4 DC for - functional level (forest+domain): 2000 native
    - a single Windows 2008 DC for - functional level (forest+domain): 2000 native
    - Two-way external trust between the two forests
    - ADMT v3.1

    FYI: I've already done :
    - Creating a local group old-domain$$$
    - Activate TCP/IP support for clients
    - Activating Audit policy

    Any help please??