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Server 2008 backup

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  • Server 2008 backup


    Anyone know of any backup software (preferably free!!) I can use on Server 2008. Am backing up to an external hard drive. Have got the built in backup to work (wbadmin) but will only do a fullbackup which overwrites each night....not ideal. Is it me or is the Server 2008 backup a step back from 2003 ?

    Many thanks

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    Re: Server 2008 backup

    I agree totally -- there was a very good NTBackup which did everything you needed, had been around for years and basically WORKED. Then M$ had to go and ruin it.

    There are workarounds to get NTBackup from Server 2003 to run on 2008 but it is unreliable and, IMHO, should not be used operationally.
    There are some cheap solutions e.g. BackupAssist, but no free applications that I am aware of
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      Re: Server 2008 backup

      Thanks Ossian

      I'll check it out..



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        Re: Server 2008 backup


        Have downloaded BackupAssist and it looks good for the job. I have 4 servers I need to install on and am trying the 30 day trial out on one of them. The poblem is that it is taking far to long to do the backup. I have about 80GB in total and its been running for 20hrs and only done 35 ?. Its on to a WDBook NAS drive via a 10\100 switch. I have selected the file replication option which would suit us best.
        Have selected the 'open file' option

        Don't understand why the copy is so slow....



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          Re: Server 2008 backup

          Duplex mismatch, can you trace the traffic with Wireshark maybe?

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            Re: Server 2008 backup

            Try chucking in a cheap and cheerful gigabit switch and some quality NIC's for your servers if they don't already have them. Before I went out and spent 100's on a decent switch I ran with a 30 one that I got off the web, my backup was 200Gb at the time and took almost 24 hours to complete over the 10/100 LAN, after I went gigabit that dropped to a couple of hours.
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