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Server 2008 Standard and Internet Routing Setup

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  • Server 2008 Standard and Internet Routing Setup

    Hello, I'm new to this board and somewhat new to Server 2008 and have some experience in networking. I want to thank the owner of the forums and everyone here in sharing there knowledge and experiences.

    Please accept my appolgies if this seems redundant and somewhat simple nowever I'm curious about setting up Server 2008 as a DHCP server and Internet access router, which I have the DCHP running so far and seems to be servicing my private LAN clients fine. However getting the data to and fro from the internet seems to be dogging me and not sure excatly how to get it fully going. I do have both DHCP and Routing and Remote Access roles intalled along with 2 NICS. I have a Linksys stand alone cable modem for ISP internet access, a D-LINK DGL-4500 stand alone router and a 24 port GB LAN switch with all the PC and other internect devices connected to it.

    So, after looking and trying to run wizards and trying to find detailed information about this. I'm not getting any internet data thru to the clients. So, I've done the following to try and eliminate issues between the cable modem and clients and the server; removed the D-Link router and went from the cable modem directly to the 1st NIC on Server 2008 which is setup for auto everything. The 2nd NIC is set for static 192.x.x.2 SN

    DHCP is set up for standard scope for a short range of IPs since I don't need alot. DHCP options are for Router and DND thru the 192.x.x.2 IP address. A DNS Domain Name has been given, XXXX characters long. Is this set up right?

    Routing and Remote Access is runing IPv4, General, Static, DHCP Relay, RIP, IGMP and NAT are listed. I've read some documentation on some of these options however not exactly sure what needs to be set up for these options and for each NIC and what is needed and not needed. Looking for detailed step by step options and setup and if there are any HOP information thats needed aswell.

    Is there someone willing to work with me or a detailed, step by step document or web site that has detailed setup instructions to set Server 2008 up to service clients and provide access to the internet with the above mentioned equipment?

    I asked a co worker at work and he said to remove the D-Link router 1st and check to see if your getting anything, then go from there. This doesn't seem to be working. I am currently running the following configuration now: Cablemodem to Server 2008 1st NIC(auto dhcp). Server 2008 2nd NIC (static IP address and SN mask only.) to old 10Mb hub. Test PC (auto IP) connected to HUB.
    At some point I'd like to keep the D-Link router going as well since it services my xbox console and will keep that going, just not sure if I the D-Link can be used with Server 2008 using 2 DHCP servers.

    Can someone help me here and let me know how to proceed? I'd like some detail documentation starting at the beginning doing step by step if possible. I have email and IM programs to chat with if someone is willing to work with me.
    I'm getting the point of confusion and need to start from the beginning.

    I figured if I do this once I'll get the setup process down and then I'll know how to do it. I copied some information from a Server 2003 I have at work that someone else set up and tried to apply those options here but the internet access eludes me. Thank you in advance for this help and information.

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    Re: Server 2008 Standard and Internet Routing Setup

    This may or may not be your current setup - I'm not too sure of some details from your post. Here is how I would set it up though.

    On the WAN side:

    Modem -- Router -- Server NIC 1 (what is its IP address?)

    On the LAN side:

    Server NIC 2 -- Switch -- Client PC

    Setup DHCP on the server to use a different subnet to the DHCP server running on the router. Set the DNS options on the server to use the server's 2nd NIC as the default gateway. You should assign that interface a static address.

    Setup RRaS on the server and configure it as a router (or router & remote access server).

    Have a read of

    Setup DNS on the server and point your clients at it (you must do this if you're installing AD on the server anyway) and configure the relevant forwarders. Under your current setup, if you try to ping Google does it resolve?
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