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  • rip funniness

    Hi. First off I'm going to say I love this site and use it quite often, but i'm brand new to it's forum. But let's get started.

    So I have Server 2008 and a Cisco router.

    I enabled rip on the server, but it wouldn't do anything. the send and recieve updates column showed 0, however i was recieving updates on the router (i was debugging rip events). I disabled split horizon on the router interface, and the server started recieving updates. i disabled split horizon on the server and it started sending updates. any idea why rip is doing this?

    also....i have gns3 and i want to setup a vpn tunnel to a friend who also runs gns 3, so i want everything to be dynamic routing. I created a virtual interface on the server (which will be the interface that talks to the gns virtual routers. this shows up in network connections, but it won't let me add it to rip. it says there are no more router interfaces avaliable. i'm considering uninstalling routing and remote access, and reinstalling it. maybe it refuses to see the virtual interface because it was added after routing and remote access was installed. hmmmm...

    If anyone can shed some light on this i'd really appreciate it. Thank you very much for your time.
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    Re: rip funniness

    Kornface, this looks is if it is more Cisco than 2008?
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      Re: rip funniness

      i posted this in the server 2008 section because it's a server 2008 issue. i have the same setup with server 2003 and it talks to the router just fine. however it uses ospf. either way, i'm more concerned with the loopback adaptor and rip.

      so back to microsoft server 2008... has anyone created a loopback adaptor and got it to work with rip?


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        Re: rip funniness

        And moved back.
        He is talking about RRAS on W2k8...

        However I haven't seen this but also I've to note I usally don't use Dynamic routing on any Windows box.
        *added to my todo list to check it out*

        Personally I would place a sniffer to see if the data is at least being received.
        Also I would check every log and debugging I could enable.

        Personally I don't think MS is supporting loopback anymore although that should be weird either (but hey, they DID removed OSPF )
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