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Windows 2008 TS Web Access 2008

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  • Windows 2008 TS Web Access 2008


    Iíve installed TSWA onto a win 2008 member server and installed the applications I wish to share to different groups of users.

    However I cannot restrict a users/group to accessing one single application and not the others published via TSWA. Has anyone found a way around this?

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    Re: Windows 2008 TS Web Access 2008

    Hello there!
    Just to make sure, you are attempting to use the RemoteApp portion of Terminal Server 2008 and control the access to individual applications on a per user/group basis, correct?

    Assuming the above is what you are trying to do, how are you currently trying to control the access to these applications?

    I believe that the appropriate method for controlling access to applications in terminal server 2008 RemoteApps is to use TS CAP and TS RAP policies. Information on these policies can be found HERE.

    I hope this helps.


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      Re: Windows 2008 TS Web Access 2008

      TS CAP/RAP are for TS Gateway.

      You can't do what the OP is asking without add-ons.
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        Re: Windows 2008 TS Web Access 2008

        Thanks for the clarification. Sorry for the incorrect info.


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          Re: Windows 2008 TS Web Access 2008

          Nice find Garen.
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