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Windows 2008 connectivity issues with 2003 domain

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  • Windows 2008 connectivity issues with 2003 domain

    I have a very interesting problem

    I'm installing a win2008 machine as a terminal server in a win2003 domain
    the machine is a blade 25p by hp.
    the domain is segmented for security purposes.
    This server is connected to 2 segments: internal and external
    the internal network has no default gateway and has persistent routes to compensate.
    the phenomenon is that when I attempt to access and use network resources located on other segments the response time is extremely long and applications do not activate, nor can actually copy files.
    there is firewall protection between the segments
    I would appreciate any help at all
    Gadi Schenker

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    Re: Windows 2008 connectivity issues with 2003 domain

    Does it help if you temporarily disable the firewalls between the segments? Probably not but worth eliminating.
    Gareth Howells

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      Re: Windows 2008 connectivity issues with 2003 domain

      Internal firewalls are disabled at the service level
      I also get event errors 12293, 59 and 1005