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  • TS Easy Print Quality

    Is there a way to adjust the print quality for all TS Easy Print users. It seems all users that print via TS Easy print, does not get very good quality prints. Some is lighter / low quality half of the page. Also I am looking to speed up printing a bit without changeing the default 70% / 30% video / other traffic split.

    Could anyone point me in the right direction please?

    Thank you

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    Re: TS Easy Print Quality

    I'm not familiar with TS Easy Print, but...

    Does this affect all users, all printers, and all applications?

    If you print to the printer directly, does quality and speed improve?
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      Re: TS Easy Print Quality

      Easy print merely redirects the print jobs to the remote users printer. It's only real function is to eliminate the need to load various printer drivers on the TS server.

      I do not really see how it could affect print quality, speed yes.
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        Re: TS Easy Print Quality

        Thanks for the replies.

        I have just checked and discovered it only does this when printing from 1 specific application. When a user prints to a A4 size page, the top half is lower quality then the bottom half.

        When using RemoteApp - Wordpad and also printing a full A4 page, the printing seems fine. I will speak to the software vendor to find out if they are aware of this issue seeing that it is unlikely that TS Easy Print is to blame for this issue.