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  • Read Only Domain Controller

    Dear sir,

    i read out your article "Installing Active Directory on Windows Server 2008". There is a note as:

    Note: The first DCs must also be a Global Catalog. Also, the first DCs in a forest cannot be a Read Only Domain controller.

    How can we make sure that DC we going to install must not be Read Only Domain controller and must be Global Catelog.

    Actually I have installed AD on Server 2008, after installing , it is not logging in as domain admin, i think, it may be Read Only Domain controller. I have performed default steps in installation.


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    Re: Read Only Domain Controller

    You need to prep forrest and domain with ADPREP command.
    You need to have w2k8 DC which will RODC use as replication partner.
    You need to decide which user passwords will be cached on RODC using password replication policy which is managed on writable replication partner.
    Did you make all of these steps?


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      Re: Read Only Domain Controller

      There is a tick box for RODC, did you tick it?

      Is this the first 2008 server?

      Please read this before you post:

      Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?


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        Re: Read Only Domain Controller

        if it is a new domain/new forest , the 1st DC would install itself as a R/W DC and GC Automatically.