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  • 2008 TS Print Management

    I have a Server 2008 Enterprise x64 Print Server and 2 Terminal Servers (2008 Ent x64). Both are local to each other at a colo.

    I have 6 branch locations with about 5 printers at each location, and about 20 PCs. Each location logs in to the Terminal Servers (round robin load balancing) for Word/Excel/Outlook/Internet/etc. Each location goes through a T1 to the Colo where they go into an MPLS.

    All the printers are installed on the Print Server and we use Printer Management to deploy the 5 printers to each location via Group Policy.

    75% of the printers are HP and use the HP Universal Print Driver. The other 25% use the Xerox Global print driver (for our wierd copiers like Konica, Kyocera, Xerox, etc). This all seems to work. Having only 2 drivers to load should help.

    Everything works fine when a single user logs in. The printers get installed fairly quickly. When multiple people log in (5+ probably. At 9am we have 50 people login at the same time) the login times are incredibly long, like 5-10 minutes.

    When I look at spoolsv.exe on the TSs it is spiking a lot, around 20%+. Sometimes people login really quick but no printers show up at all...this might be a GPO issue although all other GPOs work everytime. Adding a gpupdate /force to the login script seems to help this, although I'd prefer not to.

    These long logins wouldn't be such a big deal if it was just once. But for some reason it's everytime a user logs in, every day. For over a week. I would think that GPO would depoy the printers and the next time a user logs in it would know they're already installed. It installing the printers from scratch everytime.

    This is a fairly stock and default install. No roaming profiles although we have profiles being redirected so each TS is the same. Everything else is fine besides this. When we turn off printer deployment logins are less than 5 seconds.


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    Re: 2008 TS Print Management

    Any issues in the event logs? Does the output gpresult / rsop look normal?
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      Re: 2008 TS Print Management

      Hmmm... The spooler service spiking when users log on was an issue with 2003 but I thought MS had resolved it in 2008 (also with a hotfix for 2003). You might do a search for spooler cpu spikes in Windows Server 2008 and see if you get any results.


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        Re: 2008 TS Print Management

        Thanks for the replies guys.

        I did search for spikes at MS but I didn't get anything.

        Also the RSOP and Eventvwr are clean.

        This doesn't appear to be a GPO issue. I have a new Windows 2008 Server on the LAN and I UNC to the print server and right-click, then click "Connect". It takes 1 minute and 15 seconds to install the printer. I delete the printer and add it again and it takes 45 seconds. Our login takes about 1 minute for each printer. So regardless of how we install printers (login script, GPO, CSE, etc) it takes the same amount of time on our 2008 TS or 2008 servers (no roles).

        I have a fresh Windows 2003 x64 Server on the LAN and when I connect to the printer via UNC it takes 25 seconds. I delete it and readd it and it takes 3 seconds.

        Same hardware for the 2008/2003 servers. Same driver (HP Universal x64). Is there an issue with 2008 and adding printers? It seems like it takes a lot longer on the TS servers but still takes much longer than it should on a bare 2008 server.