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  • Server 2008 Opinions Please

    Hi Guys

    I was hoping that I could get some expert opinions on something that I want to do.

    Currently I have run a Terminal Server using Server 2003, which over the course of the day can have upto 35 users connected, with printer redirection etc. What has been happening lately is that the Printer Spooler service has been restarting itself, and in the most extreme cases the server will restart itself, and I beleive that this is all down to a dodgy printer driver, but I'll be damned if I know which one.

    Now bearing in mind the above I do realise that I could just reinstall Server 2003, but my fear is that the same situation as described above could happen again. So I read up a bit on the Terminal Services printing in Server 2008, and I have become smitten with it, not least because it means that there will be no drivers to have to install for each different mdoel of printer.

    The server that is currently used as the Terminal Server is a ProLiant ML350 and has an Intel Xeon processor (3Ghz) and 3.5Gb RAM and I intended to install Server 2008 onto this after a good formatting. But I have been told that ideally I should be purchasing a new 64-bit machine in order to effectively run Server 2008.

    Because money is tight I don'treally want to have to spend money if it isn't necessary, and although the guys who gave me the advice about buying a new machine are salespeople, they have never let me down in the past. So I was hoping that I could get some real-world opinions from you guys as to whether I could happily run Server 2008 on this machine, or am I chasing clouds and should pony up the dosh for a new machine?

    Thanks in advance for any views.

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    Re: Server 2008 Opinions Please

    35 users on one ts server is nuts. I'd go x64 for the better RAM performance. Your ML350 isn't x64 already? What Generation is it?

    I've had TS problems in the past related to print drivers I couldn't track down. I ended up installing all the required printers locally on the TS server and then disabled printer redirection.


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      Re: Server 2008 Opinions Please

      35 users is possible but it depends on what they are doing.
      However I'm pretty sure you can better use windows 2008 which might cause to upgrade the hardware
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        Re: Server 2008 Opinions Please

        Hi guys

        Thanks for the replies.

        I know it does sound a bit crazy to have that many users connecting, but the mean average is closer to 20-25, and it only really shoots up periodically. Plus all the users are doing in the main is using email (Outlook) and usually a little Word. There is one bespoke app that some people use, but not many and I have to say that there is usually no problem in terms of performance, except for lately with this stupid issue around the printer drivers.

        That's why I have to allow people to be able to print.

        So it looks like I am going to have to go begging the boss for some money...


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          Re: Server 2008 Opinions Please

          Like Dumber said it depends what they're doing. I've seen a single TS handle 50 users without any performance hit (it was a Dell Poweredge 2850 brand new in April 2005) but they weren't doing anything particularly stressful CPU or RAM wise.

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            Re: Server 2008 Opinions Please

            You perhaps could also consider virtualising your software when you have Windows 2008 server with its new Softgrid add.