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Adding domain users to local groups

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  • Adding domain users to local groups

    I'm having a difficult time with Microsoft and other support outlets (google, etc) finding too much Windows Server 2008 information
    n so I thought I'd post a problem I am seeing with my XenApp 5 installation on Windows 2008 x64.

    Windows Server 2008 x64
    Member Server of Active directory domain
    Domain has a forest trust
    XenApp 5 installed + terminal services (obviously)
    I am unable to login to XenApp with any domain users, and the problem seems to involve the local "Remote Desktop users" group. I am unable to add any domain users to the group at all. Nothing is logged in the event log. When you add the user, either through the Server Manager snap in or with "NET LocalGroup /add" it will say that the domain group is in fact a member, however it is not listed in the GUI or with NET LocalGroup "Remote Desktop Users"

    I have tried re-joining the server to the domain, creating a separate local group and adding users to that, but the problem remains. If anything in the GUI, when you re-open the group, it will have a Computer/Question mark icon and list the recently added group as "%HOSTNAME%\" (with the actual hostname)

    I can't find anything on this anywhere, and its becoming frustrating. Anyone have any suggestions?

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    Re: Adding domain users to local groups

    Interesting issue. I will monitor this and would appreciate it if you post back your findings.

    Daniel Petri
    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services


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      Re: Adding domain users to local groups

      Hi Daniel, that is just the same to us. We do have a Windows 2008 Datacenter English x64 installed with HyperV. The file server is running on datacenter as a Windows 2008 Standard English x64. If we add a user to a group first time and just click on APPLY the user disappeared. If we try to add the user again to this group, a pop up says the user has been already added to this group.
      We got almost a similar issue on the domain controller - also an Windows 2008 Standard English x64 on hyperV on the same datacenter server. A new OU (with the name sharepoint) for example disappeared and we have got no logs in the eventvwr. Here helps only a restart to show the users and OU again.
      Moe Khatib


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        Re: Adding domain users to local groups

        Any chance these installs were from an image that was not syspreped?

        Also look at your DNS.