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IIS7 & IIS_USR (user, not group)

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  • IIS7 & IIS_USR (user, not group)

    All -

    I am attempting to use an open source TCM package, TestLink, with Windows Server 2008 Web Edition, IIS7, MySQL 5 & PHP 5.

    I am running into an app specific error dealing with permissions of the IIS_User. However, I don't have an IIS_User to grant permission to - simply only Administrator and Guest (which is disabled). The group IIS_USRS does have write permissions to the folders in question, however, the application still does not like that.

    Browing the Group properties for IIS_USRS, it shows no users in the group. I am uncertain where the default IIS user is located, or if it needs to be created?

    Any help would be appreciated on this (and no, I'm not expected app specific support). Thanks!

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    Re: IIS7 & IIS_USR (user, not group)

    The solution was to Full Control to the 'Users' group.