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MS Server 2008- Blank screen after login

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  • MS Server 2008- Blank screen after login

    Hi everybody. I am G.S.Raju and new to this forum.

    I have a problem with Windows 2008 Server which is installed in a HP ML350 Server. After the installation it was working fine for about 1 month. Now it is showing blank screen after login. but at the same time clients can login and access Server and have normal operations.
    Is anybody come across the same issue or anybody can help me to sort it out.
    Awaiting your help.

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    Re: MS Server 2008- Blank screen after login

    I had a problem with an ML350 G5 where the DVD drive doesn't appear on each boot. A BIOS update fixed the problem. I would suggest updating firmware and drivers. Start with the Video drivers. Can I ask though are you sure its not the screen resolution/refresh rate thats too large/high for that particular monitor? Does the problem exist when in Safe Mode?
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