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Server 2k8 x64 Print Serving Issues

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  • Server 2k8 x64 Print Serving Issues

    Hi Folks, any help appreciated here

    I took the plunge and installed a Server 2008 in one of the schools I support, and just in case this wasn't enough of a headache I dcecided to go with the 64 bit edition. Everything has been fine so far with the exception of print services; however I can't get the server to share a functional IP printer to my clients.

    The clients are on XP Pro x86 sp3, and can use the printer (Konica 5440DL) fine from a server 2003 x86 box... however the 2008 server, even populated with the x86 platform drivers just won't work right. The printer is allocated (currently through .vbs on startup) and appears in printers and faxes but anytime i send to print or query the driver it causes a general protection fault and breaks. FWIW, I didn't have any more success from Print Management and GP pushprintconnections.exe

    The printer prints absolutely fine from the server using the x64 driver.

    Any ideas? I've had to set up a 2k3 VM simply to host the printer and it's not the most elegant solution...

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    Re: Server 2k8 x64 Print Serving Issues

    You should allocate printers using either login scripts (.vbs) or push printers to PCs using Group Policy using Windows 2003 R2 PRint Management console and GPOs.


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      Re: Server 2k8 x64 Print Serving Issues

      Did you install the x86 drivers from your XP workstation or from the print server itself?, i had the same issue on a x64 W2K3 print server and fixed it by adding the drivers from an XP workstation. (instructions below are for W2K3,I am assuming W2K8 is similar)

      • from xp workstation
      • start , run
      • \\servername
      • double click on printers and faxes
      • right click printer and select properties
      • add x86 driver


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        Re: Server 2k8 x64 Print Serving Issues

        Hi folks, thanks for your responses.

        Hazey: I pre-populated the drivers in server 2k8, adding drivers for other operating systems and then let the print server do the driver allocation. I'll delete the printer and try it your way, thanks for the tip.