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Dell Poweredge 1950 Servers Freezing

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  • Dell Poweredge 1950 Servers Freezing


    I have two Dell Poweredge 1950 servers with Windows 2008 Server Standard 64-bit installed. They both keep completely freezing up after 10 to 20 minutes of being up. By this I mean that the screen freezes and they cannot be pinged. The only way to recover them is to do a hard reboot by pressing the off button.

    I've checked the video and NIC driver versions compared to those available on the Dell web site and everything seems to be OK. The only application installed on the servers is Sophos Anti-virus and I've tried disabling the services for this and it didn't make any difference - the server still froze after about 10 minutes.

    Has anyone else seen this or have any ideas of what else I can try?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Re: Dell Poweredge 1950 Servers Freezing

    If you have the NICs teamed then you you unteam them and see if that makes a difference.


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      Re: Dell Poweredge 1950 Servers Freezing

      nothing on the servers? try to first of all update them
      use this:

      if after the updates they keep freezing, try to reinstall the OS, using the Dell provided installation CD:

      you will need to reassemble the complete DVD ISO file, instructions are under the installation instructions submenu on each download page

      this DVD will preload all the correct drivers

      also, do you have OpenManage installed? any hardware issues reported in the HW logs?
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        Re: Dell Poweredge 1950 Servers Freezing

        Did these servers come pre-loaded with the OS? Did you make any additions to the hardware?

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