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DNS event 4000 and 4015 on Windows 2008

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  • DNS event 4000 and 4015 on Windows 2008

    this is my first post.
    I have two domain controllers running Windows Server 2008 std edition.
    Each DC running DNS server and the domain zone are Active Directory integrated.
    The servers are Global Catalogs and the FSMO roles running on the schema master server.
    No previous verson of windows domain controllers are prensent in the AD Site.
    Each machine has the symantec backup exec agent for windows servers istalled. McAfee antivirus in present but it is disable. No firewall running on the server (windows firewall is also disable).
    Each server point to himself to resolve dns query.
    Every 7 / 10 days the events 4000 and 4015 appears on the event viewer and the AD stop working.
    During this problem, network share are accesible (also sysvol folder), dns name resolution working correctly but no ad replica are possible, no directory access are possible.
    If I restart the DNS service on the servers all problems stop.
    MS technet refer about this events only for windows 2003.
    Can someone help me?

    Thanks in advance

    Marco Lalle
    Rome - Italy

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    Re: DNS event 4000 and 4015 on Windows 2008

    I really have no idea. But you could check the following...

    Majority of sites that mention this error are on Windows 2000.

    How many DNS records are in your domain.local?
    Does this happen on both servers?
    Do any other services appear to have stopped?
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      Re: DNS event 4000 and 4015 on Windows 2008

      25 records are present in my dns local zone.
      Now I perform a network check to verify the correct ip configuration but no error are present.