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print driver work around for sever 2008

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  • print driver work around for sever 2008

    ok i should give plenty of info for this.

    Currently we have server 2008, all that we really use it for is MYOB and Access.
    (and some outlook stuff)

    we have 6 PC's hooked up to it

    each desktop has a printer. each printer is for different things
    (different roles in the company do different things, i have 2, one for CD's one for huge print runs 10,000+ etc)
    anyway one computer has an Oki B6300
    that computer is running Vista business. printer runs fine from it. it's hooked up via USB (as most the printers in the office cept my beast)
    the Oki is the only printer we do not have drivers for 2008.

    the Oki we need to be able to print from the server as we print out 1000's of envelopes from it for mailouts.
    we cant do this at the moment and it's costing us a bucketload in labels.

    is there anyway of getting around this.
    someone mentions that you can route the printing from the server though to the PC the printer is attached to.
    but i have no clue how to do this :

    anyone got any ideas?


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    Re: print driver work around for sever 2008

    i have just noticed i have the printer accessable from my terminal

    the print driver it say's its using is "terminal services easy print"

    but i dont know how i got it working or how to get it working on any other terminal :S