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    On my 2003 server I have OU's setup with a batch file that maps the drives when these users login on their workstations. I recently installed 2008 to test it out and it looks like I can't use the batch file or I it is not where it needs to be. I have also gone into the GP preferences and setup some drive mappings for users and OU's but when the users login on their workstation the drives aren't getting mapped. Any idea what I am doing wrong or how I need to get the drives to map when they log in?

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    Re: Drive Mapping

    Did you try executing rsop.msc in any of the workstations ?
    MCSE : Windows Server 2003


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      Re: Drive Mapping

      Download the attachment, extract, open and change:
      - "h:" with the drive letter you desire.
      - "Host Name" with the host that holds the shared folder.
      - "Shared Name" with the name of the shared folder.

      net use s: \\Denver\Software

      Steps To Do:
      - Go to "Group Policy Management", edit an existed GPO or create a new one.
      - Expand "User Configurations" then to "Policies", "Windows Settings", "Scripts (Logon/Logoff)", "Logon".
      - Click "Show Files" Button, a new window will appear. Copy and paste the batch file we did inside it.
      - After, go back to "Logon Properties" and click "Add", "Browse", and select the batch file and click okey, then apply okey.
      - Link this GPO to an OU or to your desired destination, or if it's already linked you don't need to do this step.
      - Do gpupdate and that's it.

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