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Logging on with last user used ?.

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  • Logging on with last user used ?.

    I've just setup my first 2008 server on our domain and I'm not a big fan of how it asks you to logon to the server/domain.

    By default it prompts me to logon as the local admin user, even though the server is a member of my domain.

    To logon as my domain admin I have to...

    # Switch User.
    # Select 'Other User'.
    # Even though it states which domain I'm logging on to I still have to use the username 'mydomain\administrator', other wise it just logs on as the local admin !.

    ... it never remembers the last user who logged on to it. Is this the correct behaviour ?, I'm hoping it's not as this seems to be a major steps backwards.

    Our domain is a mixture of 2000 and 2003 domain controllers, and our domain level is 'Windows 2000 native'. Could this be making 2008 behave like this ?.


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    Re: Logging on with last user used ?.

    First of all, to have W2K8 as a Domain controller in your 2000 / 2003 domain you have to prepare your forest and your domain level. I am hundred percent you have done it already.
    If you look at the post which i have posted you will figured out that the W2K8 works the way you have seen. Perhaps there are any settings / GPO where you will be able to set the OS to work the way you want, but i have find them yet.
    We are actively exploring all the GPO's and scenarios how W2K8 works and could be utilized.



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      Re: Logging on with last user used ?.

      Thanks for the reply.

      The 2008 server is just a member server, I'll be adding a 2008 DC later but I'm ok with preping the forest/domain

      Looking at another post I noticed that some screenshots on it showed exactly the same logon behaviour as I have, which to be honest is a shame as it's definately a step backwards


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        Re: Logging on with last user used ?.

        From my experience this only happens on the first logon. After you successfully logon with a domain user, you see that user as the first logon option.

        BTW, on Terminal Server the username field is left blank.

        Daniel Petri
        Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services