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Windows 2008 + exchange 2007 sp1

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  • Windows 2008 + exchange 2007 sp1

    Morning everyone,

    I have in my plans to deploy win 2k8 srv + exchange 2k7 sp1.

    Since I haven't been playing with that yet, I'd like to ask you about things that may interrupt my perfect plan

    Some of my friends advised me not to install both servers on one machine, since Exchange is kind of greedy software, and no matter how much memory I will put inside, it will use all of it. Is that true?

    Thinking about scalability, I wanted to ask about Win 2k8 enterprise or datacenter (I can use more memory in the future), is it worth of buying that version, taking into consideration, that the company I'm working for is a middle size (25 branches, one computer at each branch)?

    Last but not least.

    I am confused about licensing. Let say I use exchange on separate server. Apart from exchange licenses, do I need any others, like CAL?

    Basically I would like to ask you for some recommendations.

    I've got proliant ml370 g5 with quad-core processor and 3gb ram for 2k8 (AD, File server, GFI fax maker)
    and ml115 g1 with dual-core operton 64 and possibly 3 gm ram as well for possibly 2k8 standard with exchange 2k7 sp1.

    Is it enough for middle size company with about 100 users, that use mostly mail, they do not transfer big files, but I will have to give them access to owa or http over rcp (mail).

    One more very important question is: x32 or x64?

    Can you advise?


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    Re: Windows 2008 + exchange 2007 sp1

    Well that is what memory is for, to be used. Exchange 2007 will be much better than Exchange 2003 with memory management. For a 100 users, it shouldn't be a problem anyway. Our set up has 10,000s of users.

    For Exchange 2007 you must go x64 as there is no 32 bit version unless you want to revert to Exchange 2003.

    You can have Exchange on a DC server but if you have lots and lots of users, splitting it off to a seperate server is recommended for larger organisations.


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      Re: Windows 2008 + exchange 2007 sp1

      Read this before making any plans.
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      2 2 was 1 2.
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