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  • unexpected reboot

    i am running a lab environment at home consisting of 2 servers acting as dc and dns with one as a file server.
    the hardware on each is a mixed bag - both are dual core x64, one with 2GB RAM and the one that crashes has 4GB, both are running Server 2008 x64

    the problem i am having is that every morning between 0830 and 0930 since Sunday, March 16 (DST change), one of the servers has been unexpectedly rebooting

    error: 6008
    The previous system shutdown at 9:01:59 AM on 3/23/2008 was unexpected.

    there are no hardware errors listed.

    this weekend i will be following steps in this post, but i am wondering if anyone else has had this problem.


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    Re: unexpected reboot

    apparently, i am the only one having this problem, but i believe i solved it.

    the server that was unexpectedly rebooting was running AVG 7.5, the other was not. on a whim, i uninstalled AVG and for the past 2 days, the server has not had any problems. i will be testing with the latest version of AVG and see how that runs...


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      Re: Thanks for sharing

      Thanks for sharing your answer with us! I'm sure others will also benefit from knowing what was wrong and how you fixed it.


      Daniel Petri
      Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services


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        Re: unexpected reboot

        AVG 8 'appears' to work fine on Server 2008. However, Grisoft does not state in documentation it will work with Server 2008.
        I am sure they will do a more thorough job of testing than I can.


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          Re: unexpected reboot

          I had the same problem on sbs2k3, but I believe that may help you.

          After upgrading avg from 7.5 to 8, exchange stopped working.

          Basically connector was causing all those problem, so I had to disable that in exchange. Now it's working ok, fortunately for me, I am protected by third party software that resides on mail gateway (not exchange).

          If you're still struggling with that problem, try to disable avg connector in exchange administration console, and try to restart exchange (or whole server).

          Hopefully you have something else to protect your infrastructure from viruses and other crap.


          ..:: jumanji


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            Re: unexpected reboot

            hey thanks...
            i did not have problems with exchange 2003 running on w2k3 when i moved to version 8... but i uninstalled all avg software first, then installed the new version. i rarely do upgrades, i rather uninstall the old then install the new whenever possible...

            i do have another solution in place for scanning email before it hits exchange.