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Tape backup on Windows Server 2008

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  • Tape backup on Windows Server 2008

    Microsoft has removed the tape device form the new windows backup. This is a disaster on a grand scale. My clients and I are heavily invested in Tape technology and cannot see the Removable hard drive Blue Ray, DVD or CD as a good alternative. Neither are the Network disk solutions. The rugged security of a Tape compare to removable disk is clear when you hold some ones removable disk 2 metres from the ground and drop it. By the way most tapes will survive this test. The owner of the disk will panic and fight you for the disk before you have time to drop it.

    I have been searching for ways to reinstate the NTBackup and though many say it works I cannot get it to write to tape. It works well to file but not to tape. Enabling Removable storage just does not allow you to make it work. Then there are the questions related to snap shot of shadow backup will that work as it does on my 2003 servers.

    I have resorted to a third party Tape backup tool but this comes at a cost and it is just not Microsoft. I donít like getting third party products in to backup my OS. That is usually best in the hands of the OS provider.

    To add to this I have not found a reasonable method apart from tape such as an LTO4 drive to backup a 1TB of data within 4 to 5 hours. Most network appliance like NSD's are limited to network performance and when a server backs up it kills the network. Most removable devices are limited to 3-4MB/S and that is just too slow. Even removable Drives such as SATA and SAS have technical issues with being removed from a server or workstation on the fly. And then they still only have 25% the speed of backup my tape drive has.

    Can anybody really tell me how to get NTBACKUP working on my Vista and Windows Server 2008 preferably x64.

    I ask anyone in my situation to contact Microsoft and request that they reinstate a NTBACKUP like program to enable serious IT people to make safe backups of their systems.

    With regards to all Woldo

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    Re: Tape backup on Windows Server 2008

    1. NTbackup was Veritas, since Veritas is now Symantec, they probably did not come to an agreement. Note, that the entire disk management suite has been rewritten, because the original one was Veritas as well.
    2. third party tools like backupexec are doing an excellent job of backing up an OS
    3. removable hard drives are much more secure than a tape, since tapes wear out much faster, and storage time for tapes is simply non existant.
    4. backup over network is never bottlenecked at the network level, since the hard drives are still slower than a gigabit NIC is.
    5. my solution - a backup box running tar to put files on tapes. the files are put there over network.
    6. the new backup file format (.vhd) is really good, you can actually mount those files as virtual HDDs
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      Re: Tape backup on Windows Server 2008

      And NTBackup can only be installed to READ previous files (legacy support) not write - or you wouldn't switch. Want tape? Go buy BUExec, or Arcserve. Goodbye NTBackup though I'm sorry to see it go.

      BTW it hasn't been mentioned that the new technology uses enhanced snapshot technology - so you could effectively back up 2,3,4....100 times a day - since they would all be incremental backups.
      Have to rethink the whole backup/restore/Disaster Recovery strategy. Exchange too!

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