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Windows 2008 TS Gateway configuration

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  • Windows 2008 TS Gateway configuration

    I am testing TS Web access and Remote App functionality in Windows2008 RC1 server but unable to get it working.
    The problem I have is Certificate error when connect to Terminal server via HTTPS.
    I have followed some setup from Microsoft to setup Enterprise root CA with no joy.
    My lab consist of 1 Windows 2003 standard edition with Exchange server(DC), 2 Windows 2008 RC1 servers ( member of domain)with connection to the internet via Sonicwall and one Vista Business PC.

    From IIS management console, I have changed binding https to different certificate but unable to browse HTTPS by any of these certificate.

    Could you give your suggestions to :[email protected]?

    Many thanks in advanced.

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    Re: Windows 2008 TS Gateway configuration


    First of all, Windows 2008 become RTM so its recommanded to use the RTM edition.
    To use the SSL/TS Gateway you will need to verity that you use:

    1. RDP 6.0 Client.
    2. The computer that used as TS client trust the CA.
    3. The Common Name in the TS gateway is the same as the FQDN
    that used to connect to the SSL/TS Gateway.
    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

    LinkedIn:, Blog:


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      Re: Windows 2008 TS Gateway configuration

      Thank you for your only and the best reply. I managed to get it up and working, enough for demonstration as it still show certificate error, I can browse https though.
      I will get RTM and a proper hardware server to test and put it in production network soon.