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Installation stalls with heavy dvd activity

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  • Installation stalls with heavy dvd activity

    Trying to install server 2008 on a spare system. The install just gets up to the gui with the fancy background and it stalls. All I have is a mouse icon and the background. It will sit there seemingly doing nothing for a couple minutes then the DVD rom starts working constantly. Been sitting like this for about 15 minutes now.

    Been looking around trying to find any info, so far no luck.

    Works great in vmware though....
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    Re: Installation stalls with heavy dvd activity

    What type of hardware are you using?

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      Re: Installation stalls with heavy dvd activity

      Ahh, sorry for not getting back to this post. Forgot that I made a post on this problem.

      Turned out there was a problem between the DVD drive and the particular disc I had burned. Install disc worked great in a machine at work (still does) but didn't play nice with the DVD drive at home. Burned another disc and it worked out fine.

      The system is a 1.3Ghz Duron with 1Gig of ram. FYI

      Eventually got everything up and running just fine. Did have a few other problems and stalls during installation that never occured while installing 2008 in VMware. I'm thinking I'll keep my testing inside VMware from now on.

      Turns out with the second disc that there were several stall during installation as well. These ones were much shorter, only about 5-10 minutes each. Whereas with the first install disc I waited over 2 hours for it to continue installing before giving up.

      Oh well, it is beta software afterall.
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