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  • PDC Problem


    One of the DC's on our domain decided to stop responding over the weekend and now when restarted it won't finish booting properly. It has sat now at the stage of 'applying security policy' for at least 30 minutes but doesn't seem to have crashed and is still pingable and I can access shares on that server.

    I'm not sure what I can do at this point, the machine is the PDC and if it's not working will surely have an effect on users logging in and out of the domain? (Perhaps not as the other DC is ok, and testing logging in is ok.) At the moment I don't know what has caused this to happen, is it advisable to promote the other DC to the PDC? and how is this done?

    Any help or suggestions would be great.


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    Re: PDC Problem

    Corrupt profile perhaps? Try powering off the problem machine then rebooting. If you have another user account you could use, try logging on with that. If not, try to Remote Desktop into it.
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      Re: PDC Problem

      do you have a APC UPS with the APC software? this sounds like the infamous APC java problem.
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        Re: PDC Problem

        Hi there,

        Thanks for the reply's well tbh i am A LOT worse off now than I was earlier I managed to restart the machine and it DID come up in the end but it still seemed a little 'un-stable' and so I restarted it again and now I am not getting past a BSOD Stop error "Inacessible boot device" so basically I am assuming the worst and that it is shafted

        Lior_S - It's funny you should mention that, as I noticed that the APC services were in a 'starting' state and wouldn't do much and is one of the reason's I decided to restart it again.

        I am aware of the old APC issue with the older version, I recently re-installed this software on this box and assumed I had put the later version on that cured that particular problem? but perhaps this is the cause after all, but would it rerally break the system like this!

        I WAS having a good weekend until now lol.

        So tomorrow I'll have to try and get the drive to be detected, because at the minute it just wont find it at all.