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How can I add a user with admin rights

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  • How can I add a user with admin rights

    Dear Tech gods,

    Please hear my pray !!

    Is there any script by which I can create local admin user in my AD client PCs. What I need is specifically a script which I can add to the users logon and it should only run once at there logon to the client PCs in my win2003 AD and create a specific user with admin rights on the local machine.

    Thanks a million.

    I assure I am learning system admin and will use it for testing purpose only.

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    Re: How can I add a user with admin rights

    You original post was made in the Exchange Forum. You replied to that 5 minutes with an apology for posting in the wrong location. That was good.

    3 minutes after that you post again in another forum and you finish off with another one (triple post) in a yet different forum 42 minutes later. This is not good.

    I have moved the Exchange Forum entry to the Scripting Forum, because that is what you are asking for, a script, and am locking this one. The scripting one shall be left open however for not reading the rules and making a complete hash posting your question, you get a 2 week ban. his should give you ample time to read the rules so upon your return this doesn't happen again.
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