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2003 Evaluation to Full Version

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  • 2003 Evaluation to Full Version

    Does anyone know how to convert from the Standard Evaluation version to the Standard Full version without losing any settings? This is a DC with DNS / Group Policies / Aplications installed ect..

    Time is running out, Many thanks in advance!

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    Re: 2003 Evaluation to Full Version

    Upgrade 2003 Server Evaluation version. Have a look through the link. However from what I have read, I think you will find you just need to put in the CD and do an upgrade as opposed to booting from the CD and installing. (Someone will correct me if I am wrong)

    Make sure you backup any data and ALL settings before your attempt the install.

    Have you tried popping the CD in and seeing what options are presented?
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      Re: 2003 Evaluation to Full Version

      Biggles77 is right.

      Have you got the Windows Server 2003 full version? If so then what you can do before you install, backup everything. A good way to make a complete backup of your current server is to use Acronis True Image Server. When you do the backup,
      insert Windows server 2003 full and select upgrade.

      Please Read Below an article from Microsoft

      Mandatory Activation. To reduce software piracy, Microsoft requires 32-bit versions of the Server Software to be activated. Microsoft will not collect any personally identifiable information from your Server or any Device during the activation process without your consent. Activation of your copy of the Software in the manner described during its setup sequence is required; otherwise, the license rights granted under these License Terms are limited to the first fourteen (14) days after you first install the Software. You may activate the Software through the use of the Internet or telephone; toll charges may apply. You may also need to reactivate the Software if you modify your computer hardware or alter the Software. If you choose Internet activation, the Software will contact Microsoft computer systems over the Internet to conduct an authentication process to confirm that you have a licensed copy of the Software. You agree to allow the Software to conduct this authentication process. If you have an unlicensed copy of the Software, you are not allowed to install the Software or future Software updates. Additional information about activation is available online at the Microsoft support site. If, after you install the Software, you install Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition or Enterprise Edition ("Windows Server"), as an upgrade to the Software rather than as a clean install, you will not have 30 days to activate Windows Server, and you may have to activate Windows Server immediately after its installation in order to use Windows Server.

      Here is the link of the above paragraph.

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        Re: 2003 Evaluation to Full Version


        There is very little time left... I was going to ghost the machine and than run the upgrade. There are apparently a couple of ways of doing the upgrade. Which of the following is the "best" / "Safest" way??

        1. Boot off the CD / Run Repair
        2. Boot off the CD / Choose upgrade
        3. Run WINNT32.exe off the 2003 cd from within windows / choose upgrade

        Many, many thanks in advance for any assistance.


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          Re: 2003 Evaluation to Full Version

          Ghosting will NOT work for Active Directory since there are several internal data structures that need to be in sync, at least that happened to me on a member server (maybe you will be able to pull it off with the only PDC).
          What I would recommend based on my experience would be to do an Automatic System Recovery Backup and reinstall with the new CD and the ASR data and perform the ASR steps which the installation CD will provide you with the correct info to do that.

          Regards, HC