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Shadow Copy (previous versions issue)

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  • Shadow Copy (previous versions issue)

    I recently put a posting on this board but I think it was misunderstood and the topic went off in different directions. Here's what I'm trying to do:

    I have a file in "My Documents" folder hosted on a 2003 Server with Volume Shadow Copy Enabled share. When I click on an individual file, and right click properties to "Previous Versions", nothing shows up. However, If I go into the root folder, in this case "My Documents" and right click to "Previous Versions" I can see multiple copies of the folder. I can traverse through that folder and find the file without any issues. I need to be able previous versions from the file level. Any ideas what's wrong. I've enclosed a document with snap shots of my problem. Many Thanks to all who respond.

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    Re: Shadow Copy (previous versions issue)

    Here's the attachment... Thanks!
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