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  • no permission to view or edit file

    I am computer administrator for Server 2003. When I try to backup or access certain files I get this message "You do not have permission to view or edit the current permission settings, but you can take ownership or change audit settings" this is weird since I am logged on as administrator and everyone in my small organization is in the administrators group. It is very time consuming to go into each file that does this and take ownership. Can someone tell me what is making this happen and how to correct it?

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    Re: no permission to view or edit file

    Hi andrena.
    A user that has the change permissions right can add or take away anybody's permissions The administrator can always take ownership and then set permissions.

    But you said that all users are members of the Administrators group and by default the owner of files created by the users should be the Administrators group instead of the user. (which is probably why you included that information)

    OK, so this behaviour doesn't seem to be happening...
    A few questions:
    -Is this an Active Directory environment?
    -How is the computer accessing the files?
    -How are the permissions assigned (NTFS, share, local groups, etc.)

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