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2 SQL Servers on 1 Network

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  • 2 SQL Servers on 1 Network

    Hi Group, long time reader first time poster.

    I have a simple W2000 Server network with 8 computers. Currently I have SQL server on running on my server (which is acting as my DHCP server), I will be installing a second server with another copy of SQL server running to host a scheduling program that is web-based accessible.

    Will I have any problems running 2 servers and 2 SQL servers on the same network?

    My plan is to let my DHCP server give the IP address to the new server.



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    Re: 2 SQL Servers on 1 Network

    The little I know about SQL is that you can have to SQL instances running on the same server. So in theory you could have multiple SQL instances, running on multiple SQL servers.
    To your specific question, there should be no problem running SQL on two servers. I would, however add the caveat that each application need to find its own server and, if you use DHCP, the server could theoretically change address. Better IMHO to give servers fixed addresses (also for management and administration purposes). If that is not possible, make them a reservation in DHCP so that they will always get the same IP address.

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