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Server 2003 replication

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  • Server 2003 replication

    i have got server 2003 by inheritance and this Saturday ill need to reinstall it
    this server is a child domain on existing forest, The server contains only 10 users
    and running exchange on it,My question is what is the best way to reinstall this server? Is it correct when the server will up a replication will take a part?(for users profile) and what about mailboxes? are they gona replicate too?

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    Re: Server 2003 replication

    Limited information supplied.

    Is there any other 2003 server DCs on the domain you are installing the new server into?
    Is Exchange already running or is it a new install on the domain?
    Have you installed/used Windows 2003 Server before?
    Have you installed/used Exchange before?
    What is the Exchange version?
    Do you use Roaming Profiles on your domain?
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      Re: Server 2003 replication

      There are 5 more DC servers, my server is not goint to be gc server
      my server is replicate from other server and all the servers in the network
      are DC
      im not using a raoming profile
      and this is not my first installation of 2003 server and exchange server
      but it is my first time i need to install server into exsistin forest
      my server is running exchange but it allsow has its own storage group
      exchange ver is 2003 sp2
      server ver is 2003 standart sp1
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