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  • DNS issue

    Hi there,

    I will try to be short and to the point.

    I have a single forest, single domain network running until now Windows 2000 Advanced server in native mode. I had two DNS servers (controllers as well) running the zones on AD. Everything was fine and dandy.

    Recently I added a Windows 2003 Enterprise Server to the domain, for which I had to do the forestprep and domainprep. I did the first, forced replication and waited one day to do the other. Then promoted the 2003E box to controller. It happened without a glitch (well, on AD Sites and Services, under "NTDS Settings" for the new server, no server showed as a connection, so I manually added two controllers there, but the new server name showed on several old controllers as an automatic connection).

    I then proceeded to install DNS on the new 2003E and the zones showed fine. I updated the DHCP to send the new DNS --as well as the old ones-- to the clients. Here is what happened next. Even though the DNS zones are AD integrated, the old servers stopped getting updates, and all updates started to come only to the newly raised box (the dynamic updates from the clients). All the DHCP zones became empty on the old DNS servers and all zones got populated on the new server only, with the exception of zones with assigned static IP's (servers), which still kept the information in all DNS servers.

    Why wouldn't the Windows 2000 DNS "see" the zone information, if it is AD integrated? Is there a known "unfriendliness" between Windows 2000 DNS and Windows 2003 DNS?

    Any help highly appreciated.

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    Re: DNS issue

    Here's somethings to check...

    The creation and deletion of application directory partitions, including the default DNS application directory partitions, requires that the domain naming master role holder reside on a Windows Server 2003–based domain controller.
    Replication troubleshooting

    Don't know if this was an install at another site or not but...
    Taken from
    Upgrade to Windows Server 2003 with Service Pack 1 (SP1). If you use Active Directory-integrated DNS or if you want other application directory partitions to be included in the domain controller replica, upgrade the server computer to Windows Server 2003 with SP1 before Active Directory installation.

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