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  • cant see other computer

    i cant see the 2000 server machine from the 98 machine

    i have just installed 2000 server on one machine and havent configured
    ad yet. i have connected this machine and another 98 machine to a hub.
    server ip mask
    98: ip mask gateway

    i can browse the 98 shared folders using the 2000 machine
    BUT...when i try to browse through the 98 machine get a messgae
    "unable to browse the network" "the network is not accesible"
    i used "find computer" and it found the 2000 machine but cant reach it!
    i can also ping the 2000 machine!

    what should i do to be able to access the 2000 through the 98 machine

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    On the 2000 box create a user account for the account being used on the 98 box with the same credentials [username / password]. Create a share and add that user to the share.

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