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After logging onto win2k3 domain the domain disconnects

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  • After logging onto win2k3 domain the domain disconnects

    i'm running windows 2003 server, thought i had it all set up, and i tried to log on to the server on a client computer running Win2K pro. After logging in, i get this nifty little computer icon on the task bar saying that the server has been disconnected. but funny thing is, the server is online, and working. it worked fine before, but i must of done something, and I have been trying to think of what i have done, but am not sure anymore.

    Anyone know why this is happening? and the fix for it?

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    Have you tried to double-click the server icon ?
    It will present you a dialog and sync with the server.
    It looks like you lost network connectivity with the server on your previous session.
    Guy Teverovsky
    "Smith & Wesson - the original point and click interface"