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Network connectivity occurs well after logon prompt appears

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  • Network connectivity occurs well after logon prompt appears

    I posted this one several months back but no one in here had an answer. Just a follow up to let you all know that Microsoft has just put out a solution.

    For a brief history, had this issue since last fall with some Dell Precision 450's that I loaded with XP Professional. The logon prompt would appear within a few seconds after booting, but in order to establish a connection, you had to wait about a minute or so before you logged in.

    I looked at all aspects of the issue, but turns out that it's a problem with Windows XP-based systems not liking Gigabit Ethernet devices. The fix is to disable the Media Sense for TCP/IP in the registry. Microsoft just put this out at the end of April. Refer to MS Knowledge Base 326152 and 239924 for details.

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    Cool thanks for the info. I am planning to upgrade my network to a Gigbit system here shortly so its good to know this in advance.

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