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System Event 1084- aspnet_wp.exe could not be started.....

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  • System Event 1084- aspnet_wp.exe could not be started.....

    My web sites keep "dying" and showing "Server Application Unavailable ??" to my clients.

    It seems that this is due to MS releasing Net Framework patches which somehow stops ASP from working. My frustration is at its limits and I am now looking at alternatives.

    We run Windows 2000 Server with the included IIS5.0. Can I upgrade IIS and if so, how?

    Are there other alternatives to running IIS which can server ASP pages (which will run on a Windows platform of course)?
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    Re: System Event 1084- aspnet_wp.exe could not be started.....

    The only way to "upgrade" IIS is to upgrade to Windows 2003. There's other way to get IIS 6.

    There's probably a reason the aspnet worker process is dying...

    If you want to switch to another web server that can serve ASP check out Apache for Windows I know there are some extensions using Perl scripting that allow it to handle ASP content - whether you'd be limited to ASP vs I don't know, you'd need to research that if it's a concern.


    It will work with but... it still uses the worker process just like IIS because won't work without the .net framework so it won't solve your problem.
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