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Re installing DC's

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  • Re installing DC's

    Hi. I work at a school; we run 2k3 domain with 2k3 terminal servers, file servers, dns, dhcp et cetera… The whole shebang.
    We tried out DFS for the home folders and profile folders, this did not work out so fine, in January the dfs went amok on us because of a scrip failure that produced a loop of files, and the dfs just shut down completely.
    Now, a couple of days ago, I had some problems with the ad/frs, we lost everything, and I had to restore it from a backup, later I found out that this was caused by the dfs, again, and we had lost everything under the dfs, crazy things. I removed the dfs and restored all the data from backup. The problem now is, we get shitloads of errors on both of the dc’s regarding the dns, systemlog and fsmocheck, Global Catalog Server.

    I probably can search trough the errors, and fix everything in some time. But I have lots of other things to do, and the most time effective way to go is probably to reinstall both of the dc’s.

    The question here is;

    I have “” that every computer and server on location is member of. If I re install the dc’s with the same domain name, will the other computers and servers respond to that, or do I have to join them into the “new” domain?

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    Re: Re installing DC's

    I assume you mean rebuild the servers without using a restore... if so then no that will not work as the new domain will not have the computer accounts. Why not create a new domain with a different name and migrate all the user accounts, ad structure and computer accounts using the migration tool?

    This is just a quick rambling idea so i'm sure others can add/amend/change the idea to help.
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