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Windows Server 2003, Internet Load Balencing

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  • Windows Server 2003, Internet Load Balencing

    Hi guys,

    I am about to install a windows 2003 server on a network with approximately 20 client pcs, mostly running Win2K though a few still on WinME (yuk!). The network is not configured as a domain as the machines are solely used to access a secure Terminal Server off site, therefore no shared folders or network resources are used locally.

    Currently, we have 2 seperate 1Mb broadband connections available on-site, and are using a 3rd party standalone load-balencer connecting to the office network switch, so, the question.....

    With the new server, would I be able to connect 2 ethernet modem/routers to the existing broadband connections and connect each to the server (assuming a min of 3 NICs of course) and configure the machine to act as a router for the network (this part I know) but also replacing the load balencer. Essentially can Win2003 server be configured to accept 2 internet connections and combine there speed, giving redundency if one falls over - if so - How?

    Many thanks.

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    Re: Windows Server 2003, Internet Load Balencing

    Short answer: Yes and No.

    Yes: Using Windows 2003 Network Load Balancing, Windows can provide uptime/redundancy. You may have to use ISA to make this work.

    No: Windows 2003 does not naitively support bandwidth aggregation. That's not to say that it can't be done in software using 3rd party apps, just that MS does not provide a builtin way to do it.

    Many nics support "Teaming" which will aggregate bandwidth. I don't know if this will work when on different networks - which is a real possability with an Internet IP.

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