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    How can I set a security or a policy in Windows 2000 advanced server and Windows 2003 SBS, such that when somebody logs into the server with the administrative account they cannot see Active Directory Users and Computers option and they cannot see the Exhange system manager option.
    There should be some way such to create a sub profile within the administrative profile that can make the above options visible or some sort of password protection to view these options. I couldn't figure it out myself. So I need help from u guys!

    I am asking this because in my network, there r couple of third party softwares that need to be updated every two weeks manually. One of the employes in the office can log on to the server with administrative account and can do the updates. But I don't want him to see the AD option or exchange option. Moreover I hope u got my point.
    I know that it is better to create another account as Power User for one of the employes to update the third party software, but it doesn't work with all the third party software update.
    So all in all, if someone can sort out a solution or guide me in the kind of solution that I am looking for as mentioned in the start of the post, it will be really greatfull.

    Anxiously waiting for replies..

    Thanks in anticipation,
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    Re: AD security

    Hi rsin,

    Please don't double post! You have the same question in SBS. I appreciate the question refers to both Windows 2000 Server and to SBS, but we do read all the forums!

    Moderator please close

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      AD security

      My mistake..
      Really Sorry for this..

      Ability to perform, From Dusk till Dawn.
      Experience is what u get, when u expect something else..