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how can i hide sysvol and netlogon?

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  • how can i hide sysvol and netlogon?

    is there a way I can hide the sysvol and netlogon admin shares to all domain users except administators? but still able to run the scripts (shutdown/startup/logon/etc...)... with these shared folders visible to users, the script can be viewed by them when they explicitly access the server by using \\servername... where all shares will be displayed.

    or can you recommend other means to protect my scripts to be viewed by users.


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    Re: how can i hide sysvol and netlogon?

    I don't see how you could do that. Changing NTFS permissions won't work because they users still need access to these folders during logon.

    However my question is what are you trying to hide? What if a user re-runs a logon script? Re-write your scripts in such a manner that won't harm the users if someone re-runs any of them.

    You could also use subfolders for specific groups if you really must.

    Daniel Petri
    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services


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      Re: how can i hide sysvol and netlogon?

      hi danielp... thanks for your reply.

      Well.. we have bunch of users that are really good in programming and having those scripts available to them might give them ideas that may drive them to experiment in accessing other resources... though I can limit access via permissions.

      thanks again.


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        Re: how can i hide sysvol and netlogon?

        What you do then is get them to fix it when things go pear shaped.

        Also as far as i know you can't hode the SYSVOL share because it is needed for loggin on and also holds a copy of the group policies that are applied to the users. Remember that these are replicted to all DC's.

        Oh and as an after tthought you could also try auditing the folders for changes made.


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          Re: how can i hide sysvol and netlogon?

          thanks for all your replies... i really appreciate it. at least now im sure that there' s no really way or need to hide this sysvol and netlogon... it's just that I just want it to be neat.. thanks again