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Issue with SATA Raid

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  • Issue with SATA Raid

    I have a 2003 server, I have installed a second Adaptec 1210sa and connected 2 x 250gb Sata drives, now i built a mirror in the raid bios booted into windows and went into the raid software to watch the synch % this got to 3% and no further overnight. After this happened the server now did not respond, I had to reboot and remove the drives and all was good again, I have since tested the hard drives and they are ok, I have replaced the raid card with a newer revision of the same car, I have replaced the hard drives and sata cables.
    After this was all done I booted into windows and made a software mirrow through the OS, It started synching and it got to 38% and that was it no further, the os stopped responding and I had to reboot, I then rebooted the os and check the drives the mirror was not there just 2 dynamic hard drives.

    Now I cant seem to get a mirror to work in this system, I have taken the old card and drives home and isntalled into a xp machines and they all work fine...
    There are no errors on the server when this happens other then the raidcard timing out. thats is.

    any ideas

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    Re: Issue with SATA Raid

    there is one item you overlooked which is your motherboard. it seems that maybe you have a "broken" slot or maybe even a board problem. you say the same configuration (same cards, same drives) works somewhere else... the only thing that could cause this (relating to the test youve made with the other card and drives) is either a hardware (motherboard) problem, or a an OS kernel driver problem.

    you need to try and isolate it to one of those two and that should give you your solution....
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      Re: Issue with SATA Raid

      are there any errors messages in the logs?
      what about compatibilty issues? have you checked the websites of the manufacturers of the hardware involved?
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