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configuring home folder

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  • configuring home folder

    got 2 questions

    1. how can i limit the home folder (on the server) for my domain users

    2. how can i disallow the saving of some type of files (eg., avi, mpg, mp3) on their home folder


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    Re: configuring home folder

    1. by quotas or use roaming profiles
    2. if you're running 2003 R2 server it's possible (File Server Resource Manager) otherwise put profiles on NAS server, they usually do have some tools for restricting users ... i've got experience with IBM NAS, so others might differ

    Maybe others will have more accurate answer

    And just forgot to mention that pre-2003-R2 systems are pretty silly for configuring quotas, i'm not sure if you can restrict home folders by basic system tools. A bit of googling told me that you would have to use some 3rd party tools ...
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