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Username to access the Exchange server LDAP

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  • Username to access the Exchange server LDAP

    We recently received a new Xerox copier/scanner which is able to query the Exchange Server for a list of email recipients for which to send scans to as email attachments.

    I had setup an admin username on the Xerox which worked really well. But last week, I created a new Xerox-only username, created an Exchange mailbox for it, and set it up on the Xerox machine as a login name.

    The Xerox copier can no longer find the names of the email recipients. I'm sure it uses the LDAP to get this info.

    What minimal rights would I need to assign to this username for it to be able to search the AD for user email addresses?

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    Re: Username to access the Exchange server LDAP

    Its recommanded to review the vendor support docs.
    Also, verify that the user/pass store and send in secure methood.
    This same rule apply on GAL details etc.


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