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Unusual printing issue

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  • Unusual printing issue

    I'm scratching my head at the moment at a somewhat strange printing issue I have with my companys MetaFrame servers.

    The way we have printing set up here is that we have a number of printers around the offices, generally attached to a small print server box publishing via LPR, although a few are directly attached to the network via their own hardware.

    The two MetaFrame servers have all of these various printers set up on them, and when users print they simply select the printer closest to them.

    Some users seem to have an issue where they print - but nothing comes out at all; the job just silently disappears. Putting an audit trace on the printer object shows failure events for the users attempts to print:

    Event Type:	Failure Audit
    Event Source:	Security
    Event Category:	Object Access 
    Event ID:	560
    Date:		04/05/2004
    Time:		11:37:16
    User:		(DOMAIN)\(user)
    Computer:	(computer name)
    Object Open:
     	Object Server:	Spooler
     	Object Type:	Printer
     	Object Name:	(printer name)
     	New Handle ID:	31103944
     	Operation ID:	{-,-}
     	Process ID:	536
     	Primary User Name:	(computer name appended with $)
     	Primary Domain:	(domain)
     	Primary Logon ID:	(two hex digits)
     	Client User Name:	(user login ID)
     	Client Domain:	(Domain)
     	Client Logon ID:	(two hex digits)
     	Accesses		DELETE 
    			Full Control 
     	Privileges		-
    These failure audits occur even when the user is explicitly granted rights on the printer object to print and manage documents.

    Administrator logins can print fine to the printer object, and there is plenty of space on the computers hard drive.

    Any thoughts?

    Euan Holton

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    what servers (w2k ,advanced,w2k3 ) and clients (XP,W2k pro , NT WS , thinclients) you running?
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      Gah, knew I forgot something when posting it ...

      Servers are Win2K; we have a mix of clients but the people I've seen affected are on Win2K and Win9X, using v7 of the client. Not sure if the client type would make much (if any) of a difference though in any case.


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        i asume you have printer objects on metaframe server
        and users to print on it have rights to do so
        also spooler configured to print after last page is spooled
        and recovery option on spooler is set to 0 minutes

        am i right?
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          Printer objects on metaframe servers - yes
          Users have rights - yes, tried both implicitly and explicitly
          Spooler configuration - most are configured to start printing immediately. One affected object has "print after last page is spooled" set, another has "start printing immediately".
          Recovery option on spooler - I can't find that option on any of the property sheets - either for the individual printers or for the server properties, so it will be at whatever the default is.


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            recovery option is located on Spooler properties in Services

            it may help to give priority for users print jobs in printer properties
            (i cant remember where you configure this option )
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              Ahh, I understand what you mean now.

              The spooler service hasn't been terminating abnormally at all as far as can be told (there certainly hasn't been any entries in the event log about it).

              I'm also not sure how prioritising users print jobs will get around it either; the printers involved aren't particularly busy (used pretty much only by the affected users).

              I am wondering if the audit logs are giving a good idea what is happening, or is it a red herring in your opinion?


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                as my experience go , some events that stop spooler doesn`t
                show on event viewer.

                it happens in Metaframe environment
                print job is missing ,spooler stuck and no entry in Event log about it.

                to cure this i gave Spooler service recovery option and set recovery time to 0

                in my case it hepled

                about priority to user , it given on server in printer properties
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                  OK, I'll give it a go!