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  • exchange issue

    hi people
    i wanna ask about something if i have 2 domains x and y those domains are in the same forest but each one of them is in a different tree i wanna ask u if i have exchange installed each tree with its own exchange server and i have a person with 2 mails [email protected] and [email protected] how can i synchronize the calendar at each account with the other one by the mean of if there is event at the account
    [email protected] i wanna it to appear at [email protected] how can i make this and remember that my situation is as follows
    1- i have domain named
    2-i created new domain named which is installed as a new tree in an existing forest
    wanna hear your answers soon guys
    thanq alot

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    Re: exchange issue

    This forum is for Server issues and not Exchnage issues.

    Look below and you will find the correct forum.

    Can a mod for this forum please move this.

    BTW i don't think it can be done.
    Last edited by wullieb1; 20th June 2006, 12:06.