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help with user profiles created on Server (not configured as roaming)?

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  • help with user profiles created on Server (not configured as roaming)?


    I have installed a new SBS 2003 Premium.
    Moved users from SBS 2000.
    Created the accounts manualy and moved users to a new Domain.
    THey used XP Pro before so on most of them I took them out of the old domain and put them in the new domain.
    For the Exchange information the Migrate Wizard didn't work so I dumped them all to PST and imported them back (jont many users...)
    Some how all the users are created on the SBS Sever?
    They are not configured as a roaming profile.
    There is not Redirection onfigured either through the wizard or though the GPO.
    The profiles are created for all the users rigardless of when they login (after a minute, an hour... no consistency).
    Even though this is an SBS and the TS is configured as Remote Admin so user shouldn't be created.

    here are the specs:

    HP Server Dual Xeon 3.2+4GB mem
    Raid 1 (72x2) + Raid 5 (144x2)
    SBS 2003 Premium (Fresh install on the new HW)
    EXCH SP2
    1 DC...

    At this point any serious ideas wil be welcomed?

    AAlso might be important:
    I'm trying to solve this issue because of two things:
    1. I never saw this before and I have installed my share of WINSRV adn SBS.
    2. Ever since the upgrade to the new Server (which is ten folds stronger than before) the entire network is work SLOW! and I mean SLOW.
    So the only thing I managed to find is different are the profiles being created so that why I'm trying to solve.

    So if you might have any bright ideas reagrding soling the speed of the network - go ahaead I'm listenning.
    Let me just say this:
    I'm replaced ALL the networks cards to brand new.
    I have 2 SWITCHS (3Com) and the wiring is top grade.

    Thank you for your support



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    Re: help with user profiles created on Server (not configured as roaming)?

    No double posting here unless you really want it to be your first and last post.


    Daniel Petri
    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services