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Can't access Sharepoint Intranet on my notebook.

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  • Can't access Sharepoint Intranet on my notebook.

    I have Sharepoint running on our Domain Controller. One of the SP pages is called Intranet, which is, umh, our intranet site.

    All the other computers in the company can access it but mine. When I type "http://intranet/default.aspx" in MSIE, I get:
    The page cannot be displayed
    In FireFox, I get:
    I tried pinging "intranet" and I get:
    Ping request could not find host intranet. Please check the name and try again.
    My IP address is fixed at and the DC is at The server I can ping. I tried a "ipconfig /flushdns" and then pinged the "intranet" and it now responds.

    MSIE now finds it and so does FF. So what happened to my machine for it to get this way?

    Windows2003 server, WindowsXP SP2 client
    +-- JDMils
    +-- Regional Systems Engineer, DotNet programmer & Jack of all trades